About us

In the summer of 2018, while providing data services remotely from Argentina, two friends started to notice something that still holds true today. US companies (and others!) have a gigantic need for cost effective IT services, and they usually turn to South Asia / South East Asia – perhaps because of historical reasons- for meeting that need. 

For us it made no sense. So we wanted to challenge that! Why go search for developers more than 15k km away, when your South American neighbors can provide the solutions your business needs, at the same cost? why work with teams that go to sleep when you’re waking up, when you can work with professionals living in your same time zone? 

But wait, there’s more.  We know that a lot of companies have tried outsourcing, and regretted doing so after seeing the quality of the results. “You get what you pay for” seems to be the premise. We wanted to challenge that as well! Since 2018, we have consistently proved that we can deliver  great solutions for half of the cost, making it a no-brainer decision to you.

Last, but not least, many companies complain about contractors doing what they are told, without questioning. This is another aspect that differentiates us. If we think you’re wrong, we will propose alternative solutions, following industry best practices. “The customer is always right” sometimes simply does not apply. 

And that’s why Vordentech was born. Our mission is to be your first choice for software development outsourcing, for both quality and cost effectiveness. Let’s build great things together!

This is who we are.

Cost efficient

Our team is based in Buenos Aires, Argentina, a country with highly educated people and very affordable.

We share your time zone

We basically share the same time zone with most US states, and approximately (3 to 5 hours) with Western Europe.

Moreover, you will have a direct communication channel with our developers via Slack, Teams, Gmail Chat or any other platform of your preference. No middleman. No friction.

Agile deliveries

We work in small teams, and follow Agile best practices such as pair programming and continous client feedback, to name a few. This translates into shipping superior quality solutions, much faster

We have successfully completed +50 projects for different clients around the world.

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